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Celebrating 10 years of the Agricultural Innovation Marketplace with pictures and videos

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Improving maize drying with venturi effect

- Co-leaders: Mr. Cedric Mutyaba | Mr. Murillo Freire

- Project Title: Improving wind flow in maize drying crib using venturi effect at smallholder farmer level

- Country of Implementation: Uganda

Ram pumps for small-scale Irrigation

- Co-leaders: Mr. Carlos Nogueira | Mr. Tobias Oker

- Project Title: Utilization of Hydraulic Ram Pumps for promoting small-scale Irrigation

- Country of Implementation: Nigeria

Rhizobium inoculants for legumes

- Co-leaders: Mr. Benjamin AHIABOR | Mr. Luc Rouws

- Project Title: High quality effective rhizobium inoculants for grain legumes in northern Ghana

- Country of Implementation: Ghana

Agroforestry systems

- Co-leaders: Mrs. Simone favaro | Ms. Ivete Maluleque

- Project Title: Agroforestry systems for energy and food supply

- Country of Implementation: Mozambique

Virus resistant cowpea

- Co-leaders: Mrs. Ofelia Omitogun | Arthur Mariante

- Project Title: Comprehensive Molecular Genetic

- Country of Implementation: Nigeria

Integrated NRM knowledge sharing

- Co-leaders: Mr. Edmundo Barrios | Mr. Coutinnho, L.C Heitor

- Project Title: Fostering knowledge sharing for integrated natural resource management in agricultural landscapes of Southern Africa

- Country of Implementation: Kenya

Novel Bacillus thuringiensis effectors against coffee pathogens

- Co-leaders: Mr. Wagner Lucena | Mr. Cesar Rodriguez Rodriguez

- Project Title: Identification of novel Bacillus thuringiensis effectors active against the coffee berry borer, leaf-cutter ants and burrowing nematodes through prospection of tropical agroecosystems and pangenomics.

- Country of Implementation: Costa Rica

Cover crops for sustainable rice production

- Co-leaders: Mr. Adriano Nascente | Mr. José Dambiro

- Project Title: Sustainable Rice Production Intensification in Conservation Agriculture: Incorporation of Legume and Grass as Cover Crops for Weed Management and Soil Health Enhancement

- Country of Implementation: Mozambique

Improvement of rice varieties for stalk-eyed fly resistance

- Co-leaders: Mrs.Elizabeth Kizito | Mr. Jose Barrigossi

- Project Title: Towards genetic improvement of farmer preferred rice varieties to the stalk-eyed fly (Diopsis sp): an emerging pest in rainfed irrigated rice growing ecosystems

- Country of Implementation: Uganda

Enhancing rice and maize production using biopesticides

- Co-leaders: Mr. Amadou Hamadoun Babana | Mr. Fernando Valicente

- Project Title: Enhancing rice and maize production using biopesticides

- Country of Implementation: Mali

Sustainable energy in semi-intensive aquaculture

- Co-leaders: Mr. Lawrence Obeti | Mr. Luiz Guilherme

- Project Title: Utilizing Sustainable Energy for Water Management in Semi-intensive Aquaculture

- Country of Implementation: Uganda

Integrated cropping options for climate change resilience

- Co-leaders: Mr. Effiom Oku | Mr. Alexandre Passos

- Project Title: Integrating food and feeds crops to improve livelihoods and resilience to climate change

- Country of Implementation: Ghana

Identification of RK nematodes for durable resistance in vegetables

- Co-leaders: Mrs. Regina Carneiro | Mr. Danny Coyne

- Project Title:Species identification of root-knot nematodes (RKN) through improved diagnostic techniques aimed at durable resistance in vegetables grown in peri-urban systems in Africa

- Country of Implementation: Ghana

Best communication practices and policies for biotech GM crop use

- Co-leaders: Mrs. Margaret Karembu | Mrs. Deise Capalbo

- Project Title: Confidence-Building in Modern Biotechnology: Optimizing Best Communication Practices and Policies to Guide Deployment of Biotech/GM crops in Africa and Brazi

- Country of Implementation: Kenya

Characterization of adapted poultry breeds

- Co-leaders: Mr. Chrispen Murungweni | Mr. Paulo de Melo

- Project Title: Comprehensive Molecular Genetic Characterization Among West Africa And Brazil Locally Adapted Poultry Breeds: Creation Of A Basis For Germplasm Exchange

- Country of Implementation: Zimbabwe

New tools for the genetic improvement of coffee

- Co-leaders: Mr. Andrés Gatica | Mr. Luiz Filipe Pereira

- Project Title: Genetic improvement of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) varieties by using modern science tools to increase its productive competitiveness in Latin America

- Country of Implementation: Costa Rica

Promotion of pepper value chain

- Co-leaders: Mr. Affo Binde Agossou | Cláudia Ribeiro

- Project Title: Local seeds value chain promotion: Farmers led breeding and distribution of green pepper and red pepper varieties.

- Country of Implementation: Togo

Farming insects for animal feed

- Co-leaders: Mr. Paulin Nana | Mrs. Janaina Kimpara

- Project Title: Farming insects as a possible alternative for high protein feed for chicken and fish in Cameroon and Brazil

- Country of Implementation: Cameroon

Improvement of Swiddens Agriculture

- Co-leaders: Mr. Roberto Porro | Mr. Martin Yemefack

- Project Title: Sustainable Improvement of Swiddens for Livelihoods and Environmental Services (SISLES)

- Country of Implementation: Cameroon

Mango fruit fly IPM

- Co-leaders: Mr. Ricardo Adaime | Mrs. Caroline Nankinga

- Project Title: Integrated Management of Invasive Fruit Fly Species in Mangoes in Uganda

- Country of Implementation: Uganda

Hot pepper improvement for smallscale farmers

- Co-leaders: Mrs. Jeninah Karungi | Cláudia Ribeiro

- Project Title: Enriching livelihoods of small scale hot pepper farmers through partnerships for germplasm improvement and adaptation

- Country of Implementation: Uganda

Mango stone weevil IPM

- Co-leaders: Mr. Miguel Borges | Mr. Haruna Braimah

- Project Title: Developing chemical ecological tools for integrated pest management of the mango stone weevil, Sternochetus mangiferae.

- Country of Implementation: Ghana

IPM of parasitic weeds in food legumes

- Co-leaders: Mr. Seid Kemal | Mr. José Oscar Oliveira Jr.

- Project Title: Narrowing the yield gap of food legumes through integrated management of parasitic weeds in the highlands of Ethiopia

- Country of Implementation: Ethiopia

Use of MARS for upland rice blast resistance

- Co-leaders: Mr. Michel Vales | Mrs. Raquel Mello

- Project Title: Development of upland rice lines with wide blast resistance by marker assisted recurrent selection (MARS)

- Country of Implementation: Bolivia

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