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M&E Worshop - Projects in Africa 2017

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Project Presentations (PDF files) 

Design, fabrication and evaluation of multi-feed biomass gasifier for smallholder families in Ghana

Enhancing soybean productivity through rapid diagnostics for soybean rust and determining pathogenic diversity to enhance targeted resistance breeding in eastern Africa 

Transfer of Embrapa's on-farm AM-fungi inoculum production technology to enhance rock phosphate use efficiency and crop production of smallholders in Africa

Improving poultry production in Ethiopia through production system studies, breed characterization and implementation of improved practices

High quality effective rhizobium inoculants for grain legumes in northern Ghana​

Agroforestry systems for energy and food supply

Enhancing farm productivity, climate change resilience and environmental sustainability through adaptation of improved forages in east and southern Africa

Farming insects as a possible alternative for high protein feed for chicken and fish in Cameroon and Brazil

Transfer of Embrapa's integrated agronomic package for aflatoxin-minimization practices and its improvement to enhance smallholder aflatoxin-free peanut production in Africa

Revisiting the ignored landraces of Ethiopian durum wheat to adapt climate change: participatory selection for terminal drought tolerance and high grain under field conditions of Tigray

Developing chemical ecological tools for the integrated management of the mango stone weevil, Sternochetus mangiferae

Enhancing crop productivity through incorporation of leguminous cover crops in samllholder cassava-based production system

Integrating food and feeds crops to improve livelihoods and resilience to climate change

Enhancing smallholder maize production through the production of Tilemsi rock phosphate combinated with phosphate-solubilizing and nitrogen-fixing bacteria as P-fertilizer in Mali

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M&E Worshop - Projects in LAC 2017

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Project Presentations (PDF files) 

Farm level ecological impact analyses to encompass a macroeconomic policy from a landscape perspective

Genetic improvement of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) varieties by using modern science tools to increase its productive competitiveness in Latin America

Crabwood oil (carapa spp.) production in the Guyana shield region, for the Amazon rainforest conservation as well as the strengthening of traditional communities

Identification of novel Bacillus thuringiensis effectors active against the coffee berry borer, leaf-cutter ants and burrowing nematodes through prospection of tropical agroecosystems and pangenomics

Development of upland rice lines with wide blast resistance by marker assisted recurrent selection (MARS)​

Development of an Integrated Pest Management package to protect small holder farmers against the Red Palm Mite in Dominica (Caribbean) and Brazil

Development of a dual biopesticide to caterpillars control on soybean and maize crops in Colombia and Brazil

Development of methods for detection and genotyping of Mycobacterium bovis to mitigate the risk of zoonotic transmission and tracking of outbreaks of bovine tuberculosis

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Mini-Forum 2016

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Forum 2015

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Poster of completed projects (PDF files)

Application of DNA-markers for development of drought tolerant potato germplasm

Characterization, conservation and domestication of indigenous edible and medicinal mushrooms on agricultural residues

Coffee genetic diversity in relation to drought tolerance (COFDROnet)

Comprehensive Molecular Genetic Characterization Among West Africa And Brazil Locally Adapted Poultry Breeds: Creation Of A Basis For Germplasm Exchange

Cryopreservation technology applicable to the Pineapple Germplasm Collection using droplet vitrification of apices for long term conservation and safety duplication

Development and sustainable breeding of local chicken for improved productivity under local alternative feed management system and health control

Enhancing cowpea production and nutrition through developing drought tolerant and high protein lines

Enhancing rice and maize production by small-holders using bacteria-plant extract biopesticide

Evaluation of anti-tick vaccine technology for adoption in strategic control of ticks and tick-borne diseases in Uganda.

Facilitating local level dairy innovation platform for smallholders in Kenya

Generation of virus resistant cowpea

Identification of broad resistance sources to anthracnose and rust in common bean and resistance gene tagging using SNP markers

Improving livelihoods of smallholders through implementation of sustainable small ruminant improvement programs

Nutritional properties and health functionality of wholegrain millet sourdoughs

Participatory evaluation and promotion of improved pepper cultivars (Capsicum spp) among small holder farmers

Plant health through soil health management: boosting soils for increasing plant defenses and suppressiveness to reduce losses caused by Fusarium wilt on bananas

Production and management options for improved smallholder goat profitability

Regulation of the flowering of Jatropha curcas to improve the sustainability of biofuel feedstock production by farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean

Restoration and assisted migration of threatened populations of wild peanut species to ensure their in situ survival and long-term availability for crop improvement in the face of climate change

Species identification of root-knot nematodes (RKN) through improved diagnostic techniques aimed at durable resistance in vegetables grown in peri-urban systems in Africa

Sustainable Improvement of Swiddens for Livelihoods and Environmental Services (SISLES)

Swine Improvement in Ethiopia through Genetic and Socio-Economic Characterization and Development of a Production System

Thermoterapy chamber: A rapid and eco-efficient method for cleaning and massive propagation of cassava and plantain seed

Utilization of Hydraulic Ram Pumps for promoting small-scale Irrigation

Validation of molecular-assisted selection for cassava mosaic disease and screening of cassava wild relatives as resistance sources for cassava brown streak virus



Powervote evaluation




Forum 2014

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Posters of completed projects (PDF files best viewed with Internet Explorer)

Bee diversity and crop pollination for food security

Enhancing small-holder cowpea legume production in northern Ghana using rhizobium inoculants

Fostering knowledge sharing for integrated NRM in agricultural landscapes of Southern Africa

Pesticide leaching and loss to groundwater in coastal vegetable growers in Togo



Germplasm Exchange a succesful experience

Embrapa's view about MKTPlace initiative

Learning event - Completed Projects - Beyond research: scaling up results in a new perspective

Learning event - New Projects - Implementation: getting the project on track

Field Visit - Biological Nitrogen Fixation



Powervote evaluation

Field Visit evaluation




Forum 2012

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Forum 2010

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