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A Multi-feed Biomass Gasifier (MFBG) was designed and built as an alternative to traditional stoves for low-income earners in Ghana, through a MKTPlace project (ID1293). The MFBG performs dual functions of cooking and biochar preparation, it was constructed in two sizes, the domestic size and the industrial (commercial) size, which can be used for food processing and postharvest preservation of food crops.

Field results indicate that the MFBG reduces emissions by 80% as compared to open fire. Tests regarding the cooking performance of the MFBG revealed that it takes almost less than half of the time to cook rice and banku than the gyapa (Ghanian reference stove).

The project team worked closely with the Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Services (GRATIS) Foundation, Sunyani and some local artisans to build the MFBG, which facilitates the replication of the stove.

The MFBG reduces fuel wood consumption by more than 50% since it has a thermal efficiency of 42.4% and uses agricultural and industrial waste as feedstock. Thus, this will help reduce deforestation and improve micro-climate change. The use of agricultural and industrial waste in preparing biochar and applying it to soil helps to sequester carbon, which reduces the greenhouse effect.