Agricultural Innovation Marketplace

A partnership to enhance agricultural innovation and development

On December 8th, 2016, the MKTPlace attended the Partners Meeting held by the UK Department for International Development – DFID in Brazil. Representatives of IFPRI, the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and UN agencies as WFP, IPC-IG, UNDP and UNFPA were also present.

During the meeting, the participants presented what has been achieved by their initiatives, discussed risks and controls, the characteristics of a successful project and how to achieve them, possible bottlenecks and how they could be avoided and future collaborations.

In addition, the MKTPlace had the opportunity to share its main results and outcomes, which include: public policies support to an aquaponics-based food system in Maranhão - Brazil, due to a MKTPlace project that is also implementing the system in Ghana; the creation of a replicable cooperation model; the creation of a collaborative network on R4D on food security among African and LAC countries and Brazil.